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Admissions to films categorised as 'US' in LUMIERE are in reality the NORTH AMERICAN admissions (that is US and Canada) to the film. Prior to 2001 admissions reported as 'US' in LUMIERE included only sporadically results for the French-speaking market of Québec. From 2001 onwards, however, these results have been systematically included in results reported by Variety for individual films. Please note that LUMIERE also provides a separate data series from the Observatoire de la culture et des communications showing detailed information on the Québec market. These results are shown under the code 'QC'.


1. ACNielsen-EDI

The company AC Nielsen-EDI is the main source of information on box office receipts and admissions for films shown in the United States.

AC Nielsen-EDI data is available on subscription. However, weekly data showing the main market trends is published on the company's website.

2. Exhibitor Relations Company Inc.

Exhibitor Relations Company Inc. is an other company tracking box-office results by contacting the exhibitors. Its services are available by subscription.

3. Variety

In January each year, film magazine Variety publishes a list of the previous year's top 250 films in terms of box office receipts on the North American market. The North American market is defined as United States box office plus receipts derived from theatres in Canada. Prior to 2001 Variety reporting included box office receipts from the US and English-speaking Canada. Receipts generated in theatres in the French-language market of the province of Québec were included only sporadically. Since 2001 Variety reporting has systematically included data on the Québec market. This data is provided by the Cineac Cinemy Agency.

On the basis of the box office figures for individual films published by Variety, we estimate the number of admissions to each film on the North American market by using the average ticket price published by the National Association of Theatre Owners for the year in question.

4. Yahoo Movies

Yahoo Movies publishes a weekly chart of films distributed in the United States (more than 130 each week).

5. Movie Web

The MovieWeb website contains a weekly chart of the 25 films with the highest box office receipts and a cumulative list of the top 50 films on the American market .

6. Internet Movie Database - IMDB

The IMDB website publishes a cumulative list of the 250 films with the highest box office receipts on the American market, the international market (excluding the USA) and the global market.

7. Washington Post

The Washington Post website includes a list of films that have earned more than USD 100 million in US box office receipts in the year of their release.

8. Other sources of weekly or cumulative data

9. Sites that forecast film success

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The data base LUMIERE provides a systematic compilation of available data on admissions of the films released in European cinemas since 1996. The data base is the result of the collaboration between the European Audiovisual Observatory and the various specialised national sources as well as the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.